ejsjr ! how is the temperature at your place today ?

I hope the Aggie's can put the Sumlin time behind !!

See if Chip Kelly would come to A&M ?

How much is enough ?? See if the Ryan brothers would come to A&M ??

See if the Ryan boys would come to A&M...

Good by and good riddance! Too many 18 year old children that are put into positions which they are not capable of understanding. Question ? can a college withdraw a commitment from a student athlete?

What happened to my post ???

I sure don't have the same view as Mr. McGee. I think the match up with T Tech is a great one for this coaching staff. #1 They will be able to find Houston without much trouble. #2. They may be able to coach up this club to win this game.#3. They are fortunate to not be paired against Baylor…

Ask why the coaching staff couldn't figure it out !?? Answer : ?????

Miles could keep his job if he could play against this current A&M coaching staff . He could go undefeated if they were the only team on his schedule. Why would any HighSchool football player want to play for this staff???

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