Fetal position is always my first choice when there is bad storm

Could The Eagle be any more blatantly sexist?

The city is expanding rapidly. The demand and prices have gone up so fast that it is very hard to find a decent home under $250k or a two bedroom apartment for less than $1200 a month. The city is doing what they have to do. Get over it or move further out of town if you want to stay in the …

Why would you give these clowns more attention? They are nothing more than anarchists disguising themselves as activists.

Why not cover something honorable on campus like the Cemetery of Innocents a couple weeks ago?

Don't bother answering, we all know the answer: Because it does…

Is anybody surprised by this at all? I doubt it. The Eagle is liberal bias at its finest. Terrible journalism but great propaganda. How are the subscription numbers?

I was at a city council meeting earlier this year where the zoning of the windham ranch area was being discussed. Joe Guerra goes up to the podium to speak out against it being zoned residential (right after city council members discussed how this area desperately needs more affordable homes…

They ran it in attempt to get more people to file a protest before Friday. Duh.

More like people are tired of whining and crying that so many love to do these days, so we can't help but fight the ridiculousness with more ridiculousness. Stop focusing on others so much are start focusing on yourself. You will be much happier.

Nobody doubts that racism still exists,…

Somebody got triggered. Then spewed a bunch of nonsense. Typical lefty.

Sounds like Victor needs an emotional first aid kit. Go to the video I posted and they can help you out. We're here to help brother.

Posted twice on accident because I was impatient