Nunya Bidness

Here's my favorite quote...from Freshman Elijah Feliciano. “If we don’t address climate change, we’re all going to die,”. So.....anyone want to clue him in?

Hundreds? Don't think so. Dozens...tops. They're just young and dumb. They'll learn. I'll bet none of them are aware of the Milankovich Cycles.

I know for a fact that the person who caused the accident was an illegal immigrant. And not having a valid Texas driver's license doesn't mean you once had one. It is the phrase used by law enforcement to indicate they didn't have a driver's license that is valid in the USA. He could have…

Why didn't he have a valid driver's license? Because he was an illegal immigrant. Why didn't the Eagle publish that critical piece of information? Simple A&M student would be alive today if that illegal immigrant weren't in the country. C'mon Eagle, do your job. Accurately …

The only thing needing protection is the University. From PETA. They are a domestic terrorist organization.

Perhaps if their parents hadn't put them in harm's way by illegally entering the US, they wouldn't have those problems. Simple solution? The minute the family illegally enters the USA, put them on a plane back to the capital city of their country of origin. Family unit stays intact, and t…

Kinda ironic coming from a guy with integrity problems.....

The ugliest thing on that block is the courthouse. It is what should have been removed. A more ugly building does not exist in Bryan.

The tree is far nicer than the courthouse. Tear down the courthouse and build something that doesn't look like a Soviet prison. Leave the tree be.

Too bad A&M didn't show him that level of respect when they let him find out he'd be fired on the internet. He deserved better than that.

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