He has tenure. There are very limited occasions when tenured faculty can get him fired.

Stop drinking the kool aid.

Using the Affordable Care Act as an excuse is very sad and fear mongering. It's an attempt to distract from a crappy business with unnecessarily high prices that couldn't compete in the market. At first I was sad to hear a locally owned company went out of business, but after that comment it…

You need an education campaign at this point, not a change in infrastructure. These students believe that any vehicle must and will stop for them the second they step onto a street. Even some drivers believe that. That is why they get hurt. Too often, I have personally witnessed students nea…


Ditto on the comment issue. KBTX is incredibly one sided.

As a veterinarian, she took an oath not to harm animals.

What about Karan do you dislike so much?

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