Peter Witt

Rafael Edward Cruz..

Yep, the lines are fact almost enough supporters to force Cruz to the trash can of history himself.

The crowd was in excess of 200 people...I counted!

A critical part of the statement of almost all of the clergy was the not so subtle reminder that when our president preaches hate, talks about body slamming reporters, makes statements about brown people being murders and rapists, and …

SDW, did you actually read the story?

Bozzo 2, invites Bozzo 1 to other words, Bozzo2 is VERY afraid of losing this election...stooping to invite Bozzo 1, who insulted his family, is a sign of weakness...not strength.

The classic way loyalists deflect criticism is to throw the criticizer under the bus. What do you really know about this kid? What do you know or not know about the evidence he filed with his application? You have doubts, do you have proof?

BCS, Aggie faithful will trash anyone who dares question the all mighty football Gods. Same thing is going on on TEXAGS...The NCAA will conduct an investigation...we will see where the evidence points when the investigation is done. Other players will be asked to give their stories as well…

Not sure why you read civil war into the message...but tells me more about you than me.

No one was protesting for open borders...they were protesting the separation of children from their parents and urging immediate reunification; they were protesting policies that seek to limit the reasons asylum can be sought; they were protesting the purposeful policies and practices of the…

All for Cheap Votes

A huckster lurks among us.
Gathering cheap votes,
by preaching hate, intolerance
and labeling the poor, the immigrant,
those fleeing oppression,
those uprooted by war,
as the other, un-american.

Snake oil salesmen of old
hawked elix…

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