Personally I think this is exactly what the Aggies have been missing. Perhaps if Coach Sumlin had grabbed Johnny Manziel's facemask a few times, he would have ended up a productive member of society.

Regardless of the subject-matter, it would irresponsible for the university to allow any sort of disruptive event to occur during a class day. The Administration has a duty to ensure regular operations for the primary mission: classroom education. They were right to do this. I hope they appl…

The best way to deal with speakers you disagree with is to ignore them. Organizing protests and rallies simply gives them the free press they desire. If 200 people turn out to hear him, let it go. Don't make a scene out of it. That's what they want.

Looks like a lot of stopping and waiting to me. Why cant they make a cloverleaf like other interchanges have? No stopping required.

This is an Aggie Joke waiting to happen.

Bryan City Council- you need to help this group out in whatever way you can. Not too many developers standing in line to do a project like this...

I wonder what the content of his speech was? This just reports all the drama surrounding his visit.

Its too bad that all the protesting and outcry against this knucklehead provided so much free press and publicity for him. And I am sure Spencer and his crowd were very happy about it.

Yes, everyone did exactly what he hoped and expected: acted like a bunch of immature kids- even the …

I call for the immediate revokation of this frat's campus recognition and for it to be banned from any further activities.

This is what ultimately happens in college frats. Why do we tolerate this?

This whole system of paying yearly property taxes on the value of property that I bought years ago is insane. How would you like to do that on a car, or groceries?

If the value of my property increases, why should I pay more in taxes? Do I get an increase in the quality of services or…

Yes I am sure there a huge outcry about this that warranted such action. [wink]